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♥ Summer is here!
♥ Dog Brooch from Maiden in Shoreditch.
♥  Some friends moved to Stockwell so went to South London (rare occasion). But we drank 1 litre bottles of beer at 7 at Brixton which was super nice & the next photo was the upstairs decor.
♥ A new coffee shop me and my housemate found this Sunday in Shoreditch. Had just opened! It’s called Maison & Garcons (i think.)
♥ Breadless burger at GBK. Delish.

Five things I like this week


1. The best colour combination for ball point pens ever? From Poketo.

2. Bag from Orla Kiely. The oil cloth material looks very satisfying to wipe down..

3. Beautiful crisp and clean white shirt from COS.

4. Blue jersey jumper from Topshop. I bought this and I cannot take it off. I LOVE the colour, it’s perfect!

5. Kitty ice cubes. If only there was a puppy version? Buy the kitty ones on Amazon!