Houdini Crush – Some inspiration

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♥ So many Kewpies and other cuties from Paperdolly on Flickr. I’m jealous of this amazing collection!
♥  Photo of German Shepherd dogs in gas masks found on Retronaut. Aww.
♥  Dress with the nuclear bomb ‘Castle Bravo’ at Bikini Atoll on it, or at least very similar! I LOVE THIS. Did you know that the bikini was named after the island?
♥ Another photo of the mushroom cloud from the explosion.
♥ Buke and Gase’s setup! Image found on Pitchfork. They are all I listen to at the moment, I am obsessed.

Five things I like this week

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1. Vintage Red Portable Transistor Clock Radio – I’m a little obsessed with clocks because I usually need 3 of them to wake up in the morning. This one from dotcomgiftshop is amazing!

2. Mark Hearld Tollie Dog print – I love this (obviously)! It’s from St Jude’s and printed at The Penfold Press (my old art teacher’s printing studio, hi Dan if you ever come across this!)

3. Black shiny t-bar shoes – A classic for the schoolgirl but i’m an adult look. These ones are from Office.

4. Amazing blue Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo shirt. It seems they unfortunately all sold out online : (

5. Olive green jumper from Cos – I have a black jumper from Cos that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. The quality is amazing and it is my staple jumper that goes with everything. I’m thinking this green one could be the new black?

Creamy Blueberry Strawberry Kale Smoothie – Oh Yeah!


So recently I am obsessed with smoothies. The weather is shit, we are clearly not getting enough vitamins AND it’s freezing cold so it’s always good to give your immune system a nice little fruity boost.

Aside from that, making smoothies is a quick, easy and delicious way to get lots of fruit and veg that you may not otherwise eat (guilty here). Also they seem to magically stop sugar cravings for me if I have one in the morning and that’s always good!

This is a recipe for a creamy blueberry strawberry kale smoothie, it’s pretty delicious if I do say so myself! It’s a combo I adapted and changed from a recipe here. Kale is packed with lots of vitamins, iron and calcium so it’s a winner. It’s pretty hot right now, apparently.

What you need:
♥ Half a cup of blueberries (frozen or fresh)
♥ A couple of kale leaves
♥ A handful of strawberries (maybe 3 big ones!)
♥ 2-3 spoonfuls of natural yogurt
♥ A small glass full of fresh apple juice
♥ A tiny pinch of cinnamon

P.S If your smoothie consistency seems too thick for you, you can always add extra apple juice and blend again to make it thinner!