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♥ My Bloody Valentine at Hammersmith Apollo ♥ Heart patterned pinafore (surprisingly) from Primark ♥ Fish and chips at Bills in Soho with Henry ♥ Dinosaurs on my desk, obsessed ♥ Emily Sutton tin in Betty’s York ♥ Bookshop browsing in York ♥ Archie’s Girls Mac make-up haul.

Magic Music Monday #8


1. Peace – Follow Baby
We listen to Radio 6 constantly at work (also Kerrang a lot, lets not remind ourselves of that though) and this song gets played a lot at the moment. I like it a lot though! It’s pretty sexy.

2. Buke and Gase – Hiccup 
OMG this song is too good! It’s from the new Buke and Gase record ‘General Dome’ (which is also incredible). Can’t wait to see them again in April. Saw them at ATP before Christmas and they were amazing live!

3. Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay
Listen to this song with lots of bass. It gets great when the heavy bits come in.

4. My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow
I saw MBV for the third time last week at the Hammersmith Apollo, it was one of the best gigs ever! The sound wasn’t the best it could have been at times, and it wasn’t as loud as the last times I saw them, but in a way that was better! They played a good setlist with lots of classics, and 3 tracks off the new album. They played this one, which is one of my favourites. It was definitely the best part of the gig for me! 1.35 is where it gets insanely beautiful…

5. Nosaj Thing – Fog
Great track! Saw him last week too at Village Underground. Though much prefer ‘Drift’ to his new album to be honest.. He played a couple off it so that was good. He also dropped a sick Burial tune… and I fell asleep standing up… It was a work night…

Brighton & Damo Suzuki with added cats.

brightonI went to see Damo Suzuki at Green Door Store in Brighton this weekend. The gig was INCREDIBLE. One of the best shows I have been to in a while. The venue had old oil projectors which were creating incredible visuals on the walls of the venue which I have never seen before! I tried to find one on ebay but they seem to be very expensive and hard to get hold of.

imageimage_2image_3image_1 image_4image_5
image_6image_7 image_8image_9

Damo Suzuki played with a band consisting of all the support bands, I have no idea if they had practiced beforehand but it was so so good! It was like a 1 and a half hour jam! At times I felt like I was witnessing Can live… There was a lot of good synth going on and lots of good drumming. The bassist was playing bass with a bow!
Later on after many beers I met Sami and Madina’s cats Gizmo and Connan and we listened to good records until 2am.

beach bird cow
pier iloveyou

Girls I like: Cassie from Skins

cassieps copy
I watched a couple of episodes from season one of Skins last week and it reminded me of how good Cassie’s style was. The best character from that TV show was obviously her! I love the clothes she wears, she has a lot of good socks, tights and shoe combinations!