Magic Music Monday #7


1. Royksopp – The Drug
My god I am obsessed with this song and as I just also discovered, the official video is fucking incredible!

2. Romare – The Blues (It Began in Africa)
This tune will wake you up in a morning and get you going..

3. Dälek – Bricks Crumble
I love Dalek’s dark combination of hip hop and shoe-gaze. I think they’re a pretty ONE OF A KIND BAND.

4. Add N To x – Adding N To X
In my head I always see Add N to X as a band who are robot cardboard box characters who jump around in a universe full of shapes made from primary colours.

5. Cibo Matto – Sugar Water
I definitely need a bit of sugar water today. And some glitter. And some birthday cake. And some brightly coloured plastic animals would be good.

My week through Instagram

kitcatnorthchurchrdgallipolidoggywoofterScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 16.21.12room sweet thursdaystpizza horse
♥ Kit cat clock that Henry bought me! They are the best clocks ever! Read their history. ♥ Lunch in Gallopoli. One of my favourite restaurants in Angel. ♥ A cute dog! ♥ Bought a diary for 2013 and planned my life. ♥ Kit cat clock in action! ♥ Dinner at Sweet Thursday, delicious pizza and cute decor! ♥

Magic Music Monday #6


1. Toro Y Moi – Harm in Change
I’ve obsessively listened to this song this week. In my bedroom, while eating lunch, whilst walking home from work, and even took my ipad into the bathroom so I could listen to it in the bath. It’s THAT good I risked death by water to my ipad.

2. My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow
The new My Bloody Valentine is all it was ever going to be, and more! This is one of my favourites from the record. It’s fucking incredible! As my friend Bryony put it “it sounds like it’s always existed.”

3. Phoenix – 1901
Great fun happy tune.

4. My Bloody Valentine – In Another Way
Another favourite from the new record. MBV is kind of a big deal which is why they feature twice this week!

5. Tomahawk – I.O.U
From the new Tomahawk album which is so bloody good! It has reminded me of my undying love for Mike Patton. This is so far my favourite from the album. I love the album art too.

I.O.U a love song, for everything I done wrong

Stuff i’ve been digging this week.


I was thinking, what happened to Cory Kennedy? She’s one year younger than me, and when I was doing loads of underage drinking and getting wasted, so was she. She was this popular L.A kid who’s photo was everywhere on the internet and she dressed pretty cool and had good hair. Turns out she got addicted to the booze and it went a bit tits up. She still dresses nice though.

Mike Patton! I’m getting OBSESSED again. Love this old interview of Fantomas! Where are the single girls at Fantomas gigs?! Anyway the new Tomahawk album is incredible, which has spurred this on. Listen to it on Spotify.


This Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry dress. It’s from a 2011 collection but the colours are perfect. It’s like a delicious mint ice cream…


Mint ice cream credit.