I.O.U a love song, for everything I done wrong

Stuff i’ve been digging this week.


I was thinking, what happened to Cory Kennedy? She’s one year younger than me, and when I was doing loads of underage drinking and getting wasted, so was she. She was this popular L.A kid who’s photo was everywhere on the internet and she dressed pretty cool and had good hair. Turns out she got addicted to the booze and it went a bit tits up. She still dresses nice though.

Mike Patton! I’m getting OBSESSED again. Love this old interview of Fantomas! Where are the single girls at Fantomas gigs?! Anyway the new Tomahawk album is incredible, which has spurred this on. Listen to it on Spotify.


This Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry dress. It’s from a 2011 collection but the colours are perfect. It’s like a delicious mint ice cream…


Mint ice cream credit.

My week in Instagram

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♥ Pancakes for Saturday breakfast at The Diner ♥ Bryony came to London and we hung out around Brick Lane, went for dinner at Viet Grill and drank beers at the Red Lion! It was good! ♥ Sunday I went for cake and coffee with Henry at Issy’s Milky Way in Angel, so much cool stuff in there, it’s amazing! Quite pricey but worth it! ♥ Near my house on Sunday evening ♥ Honey, lemon and ginger tea, good for illness! ♥ Angel tube station after work. ♥