The week so far in Instagram


From top left to right!

1. Pretty house on Northchurch Road (the best road ever?). 2. Winter berries that costed £4, (did i get ripped off?). 3. Pear Painting as a secret santa gift for my workmate Tom. 4. Giant platform shoes. A cross between a cyber goth/spice girl/and giraffe. 5. Henry in a hole. 6. Me and a giant bottle of Corona, best invention ever? 7. Giant dog I saw in Angel. Maybe it’s her husband. 8. Airmail, par avion! (Sending lots of dog orders this week). 9. Dog drawings = my life.

Magic Music Monday


Here are some of my favourite songs as of late. I suggest you listen loudly. Happy Monday.

1. Buke and Gase – Tending the Talk
I discovered Buke and Gase when they played ATP curated by Shellac and they are one of the best new bands I have heard this year.

2. Broadcast – Come on Lets Go
Because I wish Trish wasn’t gone.

3. Deerhoof – Giga Dance
I’ve listened to them 1548 times according to Never boring.

4. Marnie Stern – Every Single Line Means Something
Marnie is my IDOL

5. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Some Time Alone, Alone

6. Fiona Apple – Jonathan
This is my favourite song in the ENTIRE WHOLE WORLD right now. It is so fucking good. It will send shivers down your spine. It is an incredibly beautiful song.

7. Love In Elevator – Camilla’s Theme

8. Ty Segall – Finger

Hope you like! X

I love york, eggs and dogs.

in that order.


Welcome to my new blog. I’m going to post whatever I want in here, and maybe you will find it interesting.

P.S You can find my old blog here (if you must)! I finally thought it was time that I made the move to host my little blog myself.